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Product Description

“The TREK Coronary Dilatation Catheter” has an integrated shaft system and a balloon near the distal tip.

The shaft has a combination of single lumen and dual lumen tubing. One lumen is used for inflation of the balloon with contrast medium. The second lumen, in the distal shaft, permits the use of a guide wire to facilitate advancement of the dilatation catheter to and through the stenosis to be dilated. The dilatation catheter iscoated with HYDROCOAT® hydrophilic coating, which is activated when wet.
This device has several markers. The balloon has radiopaque marker(s) to aid in positioning the balloon in the stenosis, and is designed to provide an expandable segment of known diameter and length at a specific pressure. The proximal shaft has proximal markers that aid in gauging dilatation catheter position relative to the guiding catheter tip (marker located closest to the dilatation catheter adapter is for femoral guiding catheters and the other marker is for brachial guiding catheters).

 Trek Balloon