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Simplex P Bone Cement STRYKER

Simplex P Bone Cement STRYKER


he Foundation of a Successful Implant

In 1971, Stryker Simplex P Bone Cement revolutionized orthopaedics. Two years later, the product was approved for total knee surgery, and in 1976 for use in pathological fractures and general prosthetic fixation. In 2003, Simplex P with Tobramycin became the first cleared antibiotic-impregnated bone cement in the United States. Simplex P SpeedSet, a faster-setting version of Stryker’s original formula, was released in 2006. For more than 50 years, Simplex P Bone Cement, combined with the Stryker cement delivery system, has earned the trust and confidence of tens of thousands of surgeons. Countless articles in respected, peer-reviewed journals confirm its performance.1-3


Features & Benefits

At the heart of the Simplex P Bone Cement family of products’ enduring history is the science behind its success – a unique chemical composition that has become the orthopaedic standard by which other bone cements are measured. Simplex P provides the right ingredients in the right formula to balance unrivaled strength4 with consistent handling for excellent intraoperative and long-term results.1-3 No other manufacturer approaches Simplex P’s unique winning formula.